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The Newest Widex Hearing Aids in Guernsey

Widex have just launched their newest and most technologically advanced hearing aids yet. The new Widex Unique range of hearing aids was launched recently and Widex say that these are the best hearing aids that they have ever produced, judging on the past performance of their hearing aids, that is a big claim. Lets look at what the Unique platform has to offer you! Widex say that the UNIQUE hearing aids capture all the sounds that you need to

Published Monday 9 November 2015

Hearing Loss, The Types & Causes

Having a hearing loss or hearing impairment means that your ability to hear has been diminished. There are many causes of hearing loss but up to recently we believed the most common cause was the ageing process. The name given for age related hearing loss is presbyacusis or acquired hearing loss - Presbyacusis is a subset of what is known as Sensorineural hearing loss, which is commonly called Nerve Deafness. 

Published Wednesday 30 September 2015

How You Hear

The ear anatomy is split into three parts, the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. The inner ear is formally called the cochlea. Cochlea is Latin for snail, the cochlea gets its name from its very distinctive shape which is not unlike a snail shell.  The outer ear consists of the pinna (the flap at the side of your head), the ear canal and eardrum. The middle ear consists of the ossicles and ear drum. The inner ear consists of the

Published Wednesday 30 September 2015

Hearing aids Types available in Guernsey

There are many different types of hearing aid, however, the styles remain similar across all of the different manufacturers. Some hearing aid manufacturers may use different names but the overall concept is similar. The different types have different levels of suitability for Patients. Suitability can be limited by the level of hearing loss, the size and shape of canal or the conditions of the canal. Suitability can also be limited by the

Published Wednesday 30 September 2015

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