The Newest Widex Hearing Aids in Guernsey

Widex have just launched their newest and most technologically advanced hearing aids yet. The new Widex Unique range of hearing aids was launched recently and Widex say that these are the best hearing aids that they have ever produced, judging on the past performance of their hearing aids, that is a big claim.

Lets look at what the Unique platform has to offer you!

Widex Unique Hearing Aids



Com Dex

Widex say that the UNIQUE hearing aids capture all the sounds that you need to hear better, from the highest highs to the lowest lows, from the loud to the very quiet. Their new ground breaking technology provides you with a wider range of sounds than any other hearing aids all the while keeping them comfortable and audible. In UNIQUE, Widex have increased the input dynamic range so that it can deliver up to 113dB SPL linearly and lowered the noise floor to 5dB SPL. That simply means that You can hear the all important soft sounds but also louder sounds completely free of distortion. They do this in order that you have the best possible understanding of speech in every situation.


They have designed the UNIQUE range to reduce unwanted soft sounds while maintaining those useful soft sounds (quiet speech). With the UNIQUE they have also introduced a new wind noise feature that reduces that irritating wind noise, no matter what the prevailing conditions are.

Hearing soft sounds is particularly important for you to understand speech, however, Widex also realise that even more important for the hearing aid is determining which soft sounds are useful to you, and which are not. UNIQUE is the only hearing aid that ensures important soft sounds are kept and unwanted soft noises are removed. Widex have developed a very hearing aids guernseypowerful feature called 'Soft Level Noise Reduction' to reduce the soft noises that you do not want to hear such as a computer fan or the noise of a refrigerator while keeping the audibility of those all important soft speech sounds. This results in an enhanced sound quality and better comprehension of speech for you.

The feature is brilliant, but how they do it is simple, speech and noise are very different sounds overall, the feature determines the difference in characteristics between speech and noise patterns without any compromise in speech intelligibility or comfort. Widex have always provided more amplification for soft sounds than any other hearing aid manufacturer.

Providing more gain for soft sounds is a good strategy for amplifying soft speech but it can also mean soft unwanted sounds. The noise from fans, refrigerators, or even the hearing aid microphone noises, are audible even when in quiet environments. The Soft Level Noise Reduction feature in UNIQUE differentiates those soft noise sounds from soft speech sounds and reduces their amplification. 


UNIQUE hearing aids cleverly and quickly adapt to any situation you find yourself in. Always working hard to ensure that you can easily separate speech from noise. And enjoy superb sound in any environment.

Widex have devised a completely new, precise processing system to give you significantly improved sound in every sound environment. WIDEX UNIQUE™ Sound Class technology divides listening environments into nine different sound classes. Those distinct sound classes are based on real-life measurements. 

The feature searches for specific characteristics in the incoming sound and determines whether prominent speech is present. When prominent speech is present, the system targets speech audibility for you, when there is no prominent speech, it targets comfort.

An improved hearing experience - automatically

WIDEX UNIQUE gives hearing aid users an improved hearing experience across lots of different sound environments, without any intervention from you. In each sound class, WIDEX UNIQUE continuously monitors whether or not there is prominent speech. The internal controller then optimises the feature setting. So the individual sound classes are sufficient to deal with any sound environment that you may encounter without you having to do anything.


Widex have also introduced a new wireless accessory device, the COM-DEX. The COM-DEX is a stylish, hands-free  wireless accessory. The communication device streams high-quality sound to your hearing aids from your smartphone. It hangs very discreetly around your neck and connects wirelessly to your hearing aids to make for a truly hands-free solution. And you can also stream music and more, quickly and instantly with this amazing little device.

COM-DEX is available in a range of three attractive colours that perfectly complement your smartphone
: Champagne White, Anthracite Grey and Emerald Green. So if you are interested in Widex hearing aids or a hearing test in Guernsey, why don't you call us on 01 481 245999 for an appointment.