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Hearing Tests, Earwax Removal & Hearing Healthcare Services

We offer a full suite of hearing healthcare services including hearing tests, tinnitus therapy and earwax removal in our Practice in St Sampson's.

Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids

Only the best hearing aids from the best available manufacturers


Digital Hearing Aids


As an Independent hearing healthcare Practice we deal with all of the best hearing aid manufacturers available. This allows us to offer the best solution for you, your hearing loss and your lifestyle. You can also be assured that we only offer the best and most modern digital hearing aids available. We are so confident that they will exceed your expectations that we offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


In-Depth & Comprehensive Hearing Tests


Using modern cutting edge testing equipment we deliver a full battery of hearing tests including pure tone audiometry, quicksin (speech in noise), speech mapping, rems & tympanometry. This ensures that we undertake a full work up of your hearing and the effect that it is having on your ability to communicate. It means that you can rest easy that the solution we offer is based on all of the needed information.

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Hearing Tests

In-depth & comprehensive hearing testing

Irrigation ear wax removal

Earwax Removal

Safe & comfortable earwax removal


Safe, Comfortable Ear Wax Removal


We undertake specialist earcare services and we offer safe, easy and gentle earwax removal using manual removal & irrigation. Safe, comfortable and instant earwax removal for you with purpose built equipment and the minimum of fuss.


Repairs Provided For All Makes of Hearing Aids


We provide repairs for all makes of hearing aids, on many occasions we will endeavour to to resolve a problem on site. However, if the aid needs a more advanced repair we can handle all of the dealings with the manufacturer's repair department for you.

Hearing aid repair

Hearing Aid Repairs

All makes hearing aid repairs.

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Tinnitus Counselling

There is no cure for tinnitus, but there can be relief from its sound


Tinntius Management & Counselling


We understand that tinnitus can cause great difficulty in your life. We offer tinnitus management services in our Practice using a combined approach which involves counselling and sound therapy. Whilst there is currently no cure for tinnitus, it can be treated successfully. Let us help you get relief


Noise Protection That Delivers Real Hearing Protection


Hearing is precious and once it is damaged, it is damaged. There is no cure for most hearing loss, there is just treatment. A lot of hearing loss is in fact preventable, so it makes sense to prevent hearing loss by protecting your hearing. We offer a full line of custom and non custom hearing protection. We also offer custom ear phones and musician's in ear monitors. 

Custom hearing protection

Noise Protection

Protect your hearing, because when it is gone, it is gone

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Our Hearing Aid Partners

Only The Most Modern Hearing Aids From The Best Available Manufacturers

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